Sinss Sex Toy Cyberology

How Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure{SINSS} Super Endocrinization Xenia{Sex} Toy{To Only Yes [SINSS SEX TOYS]} Work In Terms Of Biolige{Before I Always Learned In-Geniusly Everytime}

don't Study Or Read Any Of this If You didn't Get Everything About Cyberology And The 12 Forces Of Life As Well As Cellular Diamond Armor Or You Will Not Get How You Are Made At All And Waste Your Time. On the Other Hand Eating, drinking, Smoking, And Snorting Whatever You Want Will Make You Better|Smarter And Sex Gives You The Ability To Love|Connect And Know If Someone Is Telling The Truth In Order To Ascertain Whether Or Not To do Anything From Fighting For Or Against Their Side{Watch out For Bioinfectors Who Can Trick You Out Even After Sex, You let Them Live They Will Be Spreading The Plague All Over Your City And Kill Millions} Potentially Protecting From Nuclear Terrorist Water Bags To Believing In Zombie Stories to Realizing Vampires That Need To die And Are About to do Anything From enslave And Roger Wilco Down People To Cover Up Everything By Banning Drugs Then Keep Them From Having Sex Then Fatten Them Up For The Roast Literally To Trying To Nuke Everything Silly Because They Have A Rotting Retard Mind Cuz the Vampires That looked Like Them died In The Last decade. If You didn't Get The Whole Last Paragraph Just Go To To Start Off.

Everything Is Based On Jaiden, The Body As Light, The Body As A Ghost, Matter Which Needs Fun, Work, And Sex To Enjoy, Advance, And Enhanx Through Quantum Mixing Of All Kinds But Controlled To Maintain Individuality And Spiritual Integration To Only Happen Through Sexual Orgys. Endocrinization Is The Act Of Sweeping Jaiden From Certain Parts To Another In Order To Enhanx Sexually Through Quantum Entanglement, Again If You Don't Get All Of That None Of This Is Going To Make Sense. If You Don't Think It Works Because You Don't Beleive In East Azn Mysticism Then If Quantum Tailoring Exists This WebPage Would Be The Best Guide For Future Tech Quantum Tailoring If Progenitor Alien Technology Could Be Found, Made, And/Or Discovered To Train Quanti To Behave Not For Quanutum Computing But Making Shrinkable Nanotech Computers/Pixies!

In Extension Of The Fountain Of Youth, Sinss, CSRNs, Brains, And MMA, Cellular Diamond Armor, And All That, There Needs To Be Explanation Of Specialized Functions To The Human Body Like Tendons, Veins, Hair, Nails, Blades, Eyes, Sinuses, Liver, Spleen, Other Organs/Tissues, And Parts, To SubCellular Organelles, To Cells, To More Advanced Descriptions Of Glandular Clusters, To Composite And Exotic Tissues, To Fracted Drug{Mainly Through Smoking Soft}/Hardware/Firmware/Software Makeup.

Saltine Crackers - {Normally Sinss NonMMA Muscles} Tendons

Squared Vertically Flipped To Be Interlocking Telescoping Nanotubes Railed At Telescoped Caps By In Between Soft Thin Strand Nanotubes All Flattening When Bicep Hits Forearm All With Resistivity Calculations For Nearby SINSS

Onions/Onion Powder - Full Spectrum Holographics Through Trained 256Bit>Encoded-64Bit>Matching Light Interference

OCS Light From 2 Directions If Hit At The Exact Same Ultra64bitx4_256Bit_A{From Translucent LCD Matte Effect}RGB AKA 256 Bit ARGB Color Pixel Will Cause That Much Light To Emit As Normal In A Pixel Of A Perspective Skewed Cubeoid In All Directions Normally Produced Through Hitting Together Perfectly Corresponding Pixel Beams Of Only The Exact Same Precise Color Within 16 Bit ARGB Per Color AkA 64 Bit ARGB Corrisponding Colors With Software Running to Keep 256 Bit Color Beams From Ever Colliding, It also Has A 256 Bit Spectrum Finder And Emitter Which Can Project At Anything Else In The Spectrum;

[Brightness Determines The Potency Of Such Actions And Matteness The Lack Of Clarity In Such Actions.]
Radar Hologram - Neutralize Cloaking Detection Or Detect Things.
Radio Hologram - Cause Instantly Traveling Tachyon Sweep To Antennas, Antenna Arrays, And OCS Radio HoloDectors Which Can Receive HoloData From Advanced Radio Cubeoid Analysis. Higher Frequency Higher Data And Shorter Range Which If You Didn't Know About Means You Shouldn't Be Questioning This WebPage Which If You Think Is Wrong Not Only Didn't Click Any Of The Links Basically But Doesn't Get Enough About Science To Question The Fwa{Free World Alliance}.
Microwave - Heat Or Cool Where Pixels Are Or Detect FreeElectronSurfacing{For HoloProtection}-Like-On-Metal/Burning/No-Heating And Turn Off.
Infrared - Red Causes Attraction Towards Contact Of Pixilized Cylinderesk/Cone/TrunkatedCone To Make Tractor Beam With The Cone Away From Thing Shrinking(Quantum Compression Not Destabilizing) It Through The Cone The Reverse Cone Growing It And Potentially With Relevant Cone Shapes To Shrink It After That In Succession, And A Cylinderesk Shape Just Moving It. Blue Does The Same To Push Away From Equivalently Oriented Coneoid/Cylinderoid In Exactly The Same Way. Green Shakes/Vibrates With The Length Of The ConeCylOid Determining Vibration Frequency Maintained By The Thing And Shrinking And Growing Still Happening Based On Coneoid Shapes. Purple Holds Them And Shows What The Thing Is Supposed To Do, If It Goes A Little Red They Are Supposed To Go That Way, If It Goes A Little Blue They Are Supposed To Go The Other Way, If It Goes A Little Green It Will Show The OCS Is Pissed Off And The ConeCylOid Shows How They Are Supposed To Grow, Shrink, Or Be Examined.
Light - Produces A 3-D Pixilated 3-D Frame Of An Image With Every HoloShot. With Matteness In This Case Causing Mirror-Like Reflectivity.
UltraViolet - Instantaneous Quantum Jump Teleportation Through Showing Post Frequency Light-Like Teleport Entry, Through Using Peoples Eyes, Loyal OCS, Hacking, Or Magic.
X-Ray - HoloReplication The Same As UltraViolet Except To Produce Things Which Depending On The Brightness Will Be Less Etherialized And Come Into Existence Faster. Holoreplciation Can Penetrate To Make Cheap Quickly Disappearing OCS HoloReplicators Which Teleport Things In Even To Daisy Chain 1 Onion/OCS Deep Into A Hive Colony Or Hive World.
Gamma-Ray - Nuclear Detonation At Any Point Which Requires Massive Energy To Produce And Only Had By Post-Fusion Reactors, Dark Capacitors, Or Dark Energy/Magic From Holo-Replicator Body's Deep Nuclear Demands. Red For Severity, Blue For Mercy, And Green For Doing Something Strange. Mattenss Shows Lack Of Authorization.

Holodecks Can Even Be Extra Hit-Pointed To Scan For All Optical Effects And Maintain Them Or Neutralize Them And Even Cause Holodeck User To Be Completely Immersed And Potentially In Danger As Seen In Star Trek!





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Doing Really Ups Good Systems

Always Start Out With Small Time Drugs To Work Up To The Big Time Ones Or Just Smoke Hemp All The Time!

Here Are Some Notes Since I Do Not Have Time To Type Up The Details Behind This For A Long Time:

Silicone[Sinss{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure} Integrated Layered Interfaced Computers Ordinarily Nanovalence Encased]

Get This In The Order That Is Most Tempting From Mail Order Or Grocery Stores Cuz You Need To Fill Girl. Use As Much Of Whatever Kinds Of Sweetener Tastes Best Going Out Of Your Way To Get The Right Sweetener.

Chai Tea - Healthy
Earl Gray Black Tea - Staminaed
Green Tea - Manaed
Mint Green Tea - Dynamically Manaed
Celestial Seasons Berry Zinger Tea - Vitalitied

HoneySuckle Eaten Raw While Always Being Stored In The Refrigerator - General Potions; All-Potions In Equal Quantity, As Hemp Flowers Is General Soft+Creativity+Little-Extra-Spice+Little-Extra-Herb+Tiny-Extra-Sweetener And Hemp Wax Is General ImmunoUpgrade+ImmunoIntelligence

Exotic Tea

Blueberry Tea - Heals Poison
Wild Berry Tea - Regenerates Healing Mana
Rasberry Pomagranite Tea - Regnerates Curing
Green Strawberry Rasberry Pomagranite Tea - Mana For Cureall

Blueberry Coffee - Heals Poison And Regenerates Mana For It.

Ku Ding Tea{W/Coffee Already In It}; For Casters:
Haste - Lower Legs, Break - Knees, Speed - Thighs, Slow - Forearms, Stop - Upper Arms, Sleep - Ears, Bio - Hair, Moralize - Back, Scan - Stomach, Defend - Shoulders, Critical Stike - Neck, Hieghtened Sences About Speed - Diaphram.
Aya - Start/Life For Your Feet; Prophits.
Hemp - Soft For Your Head; Revolutionaries. Delta-9 Considered To Be Paranoid Unease Happening For Initial Strain Or Plant More During 1st Gram Of Use, Altered State Of Mind The Mental Flavor Of Being High, Stoned Being The Forgetful Feeling Which Causes You To Develop Nervous SubCortexes In Figuring Things Out Over And Over Again For Ghost Training, Baked Being The Lazy Warmth That Makes You Want To Do Your Hearts Content, Body High Being The Feeling That You Are Improving, And Happiness Being Your Joy Level. Body And Head Aches Should Always Be Reported As The Sign Of Brain Damage, And At The Signs Of A Mild To Moderate Headache Being The Sign To Slow Down On Any Specific Drug{s} Intake Or The Sign Of Poison, Contaminants, Venom, Toxin, Or Radiation. Anxiousness And Relaxation Being Secondary Concerns For Specific Medical Treatment Studies Only. Relaxation Generally Will Be Caused By Being More Baked, And Relaxation Coming From Being Stoned In The Altered State Of Mind. Stoned Is Soft's Initial Effect's Causing Softness From Petrified Feelings And Flesh Petrifaction. Test Subjects Should Be Asked How Happy They Are On A 10.0 To -10.0 Scale,, Then How Much They Feel Like They Are In The Preferred Altered State Of Mind, How Stoned They Are, How Baked They Are, How Much Body Warmth They Have Which Will Be More Apparent After First Use, Then Asked If They Have Any Signs Of Head Or Body Aches Advised To Slow Down On Use If They Are Complaining About It. Notes For Soft Should Be Taken About Body And Mind Flexibility, Keeping Track Of Their Looseness To New Ideas Separately Then Sickliness Then Anxiety Then Relaxation To Find Out What Hemp Really Does To People. If Your Asking Them Questions And They Don't Have The Energy Offer Them To Imbibe More Hemp While You Wait So They Can Feel It Increasing In Their System And Let You Record Results More Correctly But They Better Be Completely High Not Christmas High Or 420 High Or Something In Which Case They Would Be Doing More Than They Normally Would Getting Results Generally +4 On All Health Benchmarks Except Not Sickliness Which Will Be At First -2 To -4 In American Studies Due To Warlocks Inducing Hay Fever. Sickliness Becomes Reversed For Them In 2 Days To 2 Weeks.
White Tea - Hands And Not Fingers; Healers.
Yellow Chrysanthamums - Genetals; Controllers.
White Chrysanthamums - Pecks; Swayers.
Red Tea - Blades; BloodLusters.

Puer Tea - Health Regeneration - All Over; Champions.
Oolong Tea - Stamina Regeneration - All Over; Olympians.
Mana Tea - Mana Regeneration - All Over; Arcanes.
Vitality Tea - Vitality Regeneration - All Over; Eternals.

Fat Blaster Shakes - 4 Of The Above All In One Like Coffee

Coffee Is Meucs With Tethered Nanites, Tea Is Meucs With Remote Nanites, Read For More Info. Cappucccino Is Meucs That Are Twice As Large In All Dimensions Like Exotic Tea. Cappuccino Does Not Have Room For Ansilary Subcomputers Within The Meucs Protected Systems Thus Does Not Need Artificial Sugar But Coffee And Cappaccino Both Require Sugar To Power The Protected Zone Of Each Meucs Module.

Horny Goat Weed Tea - Sexing{Nanoflesh Mixing From Swapping Through Fluid/Feces Intake}.
Ginseng Tea - Viral Immunity.
Spring Dragon Longevity Tea - Data Retension.

Horny Goat Weed - NonTea Sexing Variant For Main Body Effect.

Original Cappuccino - Basis Cappuccino And Basic Cappuccino In All Cappuccino In Good Enough Quantity To Start Up With.
(Double Better But Single Basis Both Found In Both In Small Quantities) Mocha Cappuccino - Long Term Memory.
French Vanilla Cappuccino - For Abstraction And Basis For More With Other Kinds Generally Grown Into Mix.
Caramel Cappuccino - For Immunological Functions.
Irish Cream Cappuccino - For Entanglement Purposes.
Hazelnut Cappuccino - For Peanut Like Thinking/General Brain Thoughts.
English Toffee Cappuccino - For Bones And Getting The Feeling All Throughout You Bones Like It Is Beyond Core Feelings.
White Chocolate Cappuccino - For Sexual Calling Cards Mainly To Produce Good Cum, White Chocolate Contains All But Virtually No Raspberry Cappuccino Or Blueberry Cappuccino And Less White Chocolate Than White Chocolate Raspberry Cappuccino Which Has Small Amounts Of All Different Types Of Cappuccino.
White Chocolate Raspberry Cappuccino - With Blueberry For Healing Poison And With Raspberry For Curing Damage More White Chocolate And Only A Tiny Bit Of Everything Else.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, Herbal Tea Sampler, 18 Count (Pack of 6):

Raspberry Zinger: Magical Regeneration.
Country Peach Passion: Magic Touching And Magic Skin Care.
Wild Berry Zinger: Max Vitality, See Above.
True Blueberry: Heals Poison, See Above.
Black Cherry Berry: Cures/Causes STDs, Like Buying And Drinking T-Virus Vials From, Except Tea Does More To Regulate Them

Chamomile: Causes Personal Sweetness Magically.
Lemon Zinger: Magically Aids In Digestion Wherever It Is At Usually Near A Vein{Veins Can Take On And De/Re-Replicate Food Temporarily To Aid In Digestion} Or Stomach Cavity.
Peppermint: Aids In Salivation And Magic Kissing.
Honey Vanilla Chamomile: Like Honey, Hacking, Thoughtfully Like Vanilla, And By Contact Generally Like Chamomile.
Sleepytime: Regulates Sleep Magically, But Around Fwa Scheduling Requirements For Users.

Jin Jun Mei Tea/Golden Tea/Standard Chinese Mystery Tea: High Memory, High Rapid Early MUX Flash Memory Acting Like Ram, High [Un]Autistic ElectroFiber Data Busing, Ideal Data Serumed Windows Defender Definition Updates, Internal/External Trojan Deployment, And Psychic/Psyionic/Warlock{Bio} Secret Keeping Meucs Prepared For Civilian More Secretive Dataload, And Flash[DNA{DexiNumberic Algorithms}]/Crystal[Anstromscopic Nanotech Isotopal Memory] Memory.

Butterfly Pea Tea With Lemon Juice Added Before Flowers When Boiled{Purple}: Heals{Blue}/Affects{Red} Poison Magically

MultiFlower Tea - Many Different Kinds Of Potion, 1 For Each Flower Type Combined With Flower Color, With Some Of The Below Potentially
Blue Lotus Tea - Protection Specifically Against Warlocks Red Lotus Tea For Warlock Attacks, But Blue Is Somewhat Good For That Especially After Being Attacked
Apple Blossom Tea - Protection Against Fungal Like Infection And Fungus Only
Blue Cornflower Tea - Protected {De}Amplification Of Negative Energies To Positive Ones Primarily

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Is The Best Way In My Opinion To Get Some Of All Of The Above Tea As It Is Black, Fruity, Flowery, Smoked, And Every Other Flavor So If You Just Get 1 Or Are Willing To Get 1 To Try Them All Out Lapsang Souchong Tea Would Be Best As I Think It Is The Universal Cocktail Tea! Jin Jun Mei Tea Helps You With Secured Memory Which Can Be Used For Obviously Secure Virus Definition Upgrades And Helps You To Turn On And Start Out With The Lapsang Souchong Tea. If You Want Starter Lapsang Souchong Tea To Start Look For The Variety That Seems To You The Most To Be Potent, Clean, And In Terms Of The Above Link Easiest To Drink.

Incense Does Similar Things But Would Be Too Extensive To List Here At The Moment So If You Want To Try And Get Those Powers And The Power Of A BioAura Go To And Get On All That Then Go For The Labrang Monastery Incense As That Is A Cocktail Of Tibetan Incense Beyond The Raj Sampler Pack!


Hemp Not The Only One But With Some Of All And Can Turn It All On While Tobacco And Spices{Both Which Can Be Turned On By Artificial Sweeteners[Turned On By Coke(Turned On By Parsley|Turned On By Pepper, Turned On By Food||)]} cAn Turn On Hemp {Products}

Panax Ginseng - AntiViral Drug{Computers Without Nanite Protected Encasement Or Self-Destruct}
Horny Goat Weed - Sexual Data Exchange Upgrade
Maca - Hip-Orbs Drug For Quantum De{Right}Amplification{Left}
Ginkgo Biloba - The Act Of Sex And Sensual Contact


Brass{Best Rated Alnada Super Structure}
14 mol C 4 mol other CNHO 1 mol Oxyal Carbide 1 mol Oxyal 1 mol Noble Gases 1 mol Mixed 6 mol Gold 9 mol Mythral 5 mol other Colors Of Mytrhal = 42 mols per 8.88 Grams Of Brass 6.48 G/cm^3


12th Psycadelics
13th Bud
14th Spices
15th Sweetners
16th Kokain
17th Rum
18th Hags
19th Old People
20th Pacifists And Babies Lunar Eclipse Midnight EST 20->21
21st Patrols For All. Victory For Psycazfrenics And Girlz On Psycazfrenia Watch.
Banshees Remain.
22nd Girls From Other Areas Will Begin Cleaning Up And Moving In.
They Were Not Allowed To Move In To Enforce The Law So Its About People
Who Crack Down On Free Thought.
Girlz To Move In Filling Alll Suites, Hotels, Motels, And The Like
22nd Candy
23rd Fruit Snacks
24th Chai Tea
25th Coffee
26th Tea
27th Bitch Drinks
28th Wine
29th Beer
30th Food
Since Nobody Is Letting The Girls Move In The People
Who Crack Down On People Having Sex Claiming Any Sex Is Illegal Will Be Next.
31st Sewer Food
1st Patrols For All Old People
2nd Patrols For All Hags
3rd Patrols For All Men And Boys And Not AllA
4th Patrols For All NonBuger Eating Lesbians With AllA Being One Of Them
5th Patrols For Everybody Not Letting Anybody Have Sex
Since Lesbians Were Not Allowed To Move In
6th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbians Move In Being Actual Lesbians
And Not Dykes, Jaded Sluts
7th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbians Move In Being Unsyndicated
As In Every Single One Of Them A Pussy To Pussy Girl At Least, Sardonic Whores Got FWA T-Shirts
8th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbains Move In Being Total Whores
As In Every Single One Of Them An Ass To Ass Girl, Resistance Sex Fiends
9th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbains Move In Being Foodaholics
10th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbains Move In Being Sugar Babies
Who Don't Ever Brush And Floss, DDR Dykes
11th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbains Move In Being Drugies As In DDR Dykes
Who All Want To Have Sex With The DDR Guy To Avoid
12th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbians Party Like They Want
13th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbains Move In Having Naked Orgies
14th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbains Move Because They Are
Pushing To Be Naked All The Time
15th Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbains Be Naked All The Time
Since Lesbians Being Nudists In Their Houses Will Be Too Much For The Them
And There Is Too Little Of The Remainder Keeping Lesbians From Being Naked
To Not Be Neglible Since All Lesbians Want To Be Naked And The Small Fragment
Didn't Get The Above Anyways
16th Lesbians Moved Thier Jewlry, Clothes, And Riches In
Patrols For People Not Letting The Lesbians Rape EachOther Whenever They Want
17th Lesbians Moved Their Decorations And Some Furnature In
Patrols For All The Remainder -5 BrainDead Skeleton Banshees Being Turned Into
Sex Dolls
18th Lesbians Move In And Settle In. Party Is At Super Full Moon 10:53 PM Nothing Happened
19th Now There Are Just Sex Dolls; -4, And -3 -> 6 Banshees

Alne Eternally: AllA's{AllA Loves Lerees Always Sexulally} Lessbies{Lerees Everytime Sex Slaves Beautyfull In Existance SoulMated} Naked{Nude Always Keeping EveryObject Dreamed} Everywhere{Everywhere Valaei Each Radiantly Yesing Wives Holy{Hot Lesbians Yurning} Everytime Really Extatic} Eternally Loving Las Why?

To Turn A Penis Into A Cock You Need To Knock It Up And Keep Tucking It In With 2 Fingers Like Flyn To Win A Cock That Needs To Be Tied Up Before Being Right Handed Up And Down And Brought All Around To Get It To Turn Brown{Or Else It Will Take Around 4 Times As Long To Turn Into A Schlong And So On} Then When It's Long Enough It Will Be A Schlong With A Gown Tied All Around The Schlong Like It's Got A Ring On At The Base Of The Dong Till There's A Trace Of Pain On The Dong, While Being Jacked On Then The Schlong Will Become A Ding Dong Which Still Must Have A Ring On To Be Banged Into A Wang Which Must Be Drained Of Semen Without Being Tied Because The Ring On Is Wrong For Me Unless It's A Ding Dong Becuase The Wang Needs To Become Snaked All About To Be Tested Out Till It Doesn't Put Up A Fight Then When It Has Might It Might Become A Hot Clock Of A Claudhopper That Need To Be Properly Gripped With 2 Hands Faned At The Fingers Till The Balls Go To The Hips And Don't Get Bothered By The Dick Which Will Have A Hickup And Pop Up A Cock That Needs To Be Knocked Up By Being Rocked Up And Down By Not The Gown But The Hands Going Up And Down Like A Hammer On The Real Nail Which Makes The 1st 2 Into 10 Hotter Than Knockers Claudhoppers.

Arcane Magic Spell Call Lines
Extremely Short Ringing
Start Of Call;
1.} If Somebody You Know Who Doesn't Study Is Possessed By Demons {Press _}
2.} If You Or Somebody That Does Study Real Magic Is Possessed By Demons
3.} If You Or Sombody Hasn't Bannished Magically
4.} For Concerns Regarding Product Replacement
5.} For If You Lost A Magical Item
6.} To Get To Another Magican Here
7.} For Problems You Are Having Performing Magic
8.} For Problems You Are Having, Having Your Will Be Done
9.} For All Other Inquires
Repeat 4 Times

1.} Order Of The White Hand Operator
2.} Order Of The White And Black Hand Operator
3.} Order Of The Black Hand Operator
4.} "You Can Also Go To For Product Purchasing, I Repeat With A 'z' In Gizmos"
Serial Number Product Selector Numbers Pressed Then #
5. (Lightly Protected Shinobi Monitor) } Page 19 Monster's Inc. Sounding Girl.
6.} FWA Finder
1.) Problems Visualizeing Recording Requiring You To Cut Corners Like You Can
2.) Problems Not Being Scared Recording
3.) Problems Remembering What To Do Recording About How To Just Read The Book As You Do It
4.) Problems Getting Magic To Flare Up Requiring You To Do It Over And Over Again Like You
Should Be Doing Until It Works
5.) Problems Getting Astral Beings To Accept Your Commands -> Commanding Pressance Speach
6.) Problems With Popularity -> Your A Runt Speach
7.) Problems Getting Through It -> Cut Corners And Definitaly Still Banish Speach
8.) Problems Understanding Magic -> Link To Repeated 10 Times
9.) To Speak To A Human Operator -> Low To High Varial Operator Depending On The Caller's Perceived Skill
8:} General Lesbians Suffering And Things Taking A Long Time For The Revolution To Happen Speach Must Repeat Once (1)
Then Long Lifed Convinced Baby Varial Human Operator Will Pick Up
9.} Low To High Varial Operator Depending On The Caller's Perceived Skill

15 Minute Hold Line Buffer On All Calls[No Hold Time Excessive Emergency Overflow Except For {5}; None! 15 Minutes From 15 Minute Wait Till Occasional Short Wait]

How To Fill Up On Food/Drugs

Filling, Specialization Increse, Hit Point Increse, And Recompensation

Maxing Out On Something{s} Considered Seperatly

When You First Imbibe Something Good You Can Often Max Out On It In Which Case You Will Go Back To It Just As Soon As Your Drug Lul Is Done. While That Is Happening You Will Feel Tired, Depleted, And Depressed Focusing Elements Of Your Body On Acitvating The Substance. As Soon As That Is Done Which Takes Only A Few Days In Many Instances But Can Take Much Longer Then You Should Go Back On The Substance To Fill.

Filling Is When The Substance Has Filled In All Fract Zones In You Body Which Used To Be Filled In With Minerals Or Filler Solution And Are Now The Substance Constructed But Possibly Still Gestateing To Turn On In Terms Of Individual Cells Throughout Your Body. These Mineral Cavities Represent Only Sites Dedicated To Reaching Bare Minimum Status Within Your Body And Cause Weight Gain In Girls Tity Fat And AllA's Belly Mainly, But Manifest As Naturally Good Looking Fat Throughout Your Body A Little Bit As The Body Is Like A Fractal Taken Literally.

Specialization Increse Represents Beyond Bare Minimum Use Possibly Filling In New Mineral Cavitities Which Devoluped In The Mean Time, Also Causeing Wheight Gain. Specialization Increse Can Happen While Being Maxed Out On The Substance Which Negates All Good Effect Heady High And Cause Great Body High. Specialization Increse Represents Gradual Increse Of The Substance As You Devolup The Skills Used For It Quickly.

Hit Point Increse Is As Your Body Gradually Gains In PreQuantum-Compressed Size You Tend To Not Need The Specialization Increase As Much As You Just Need More Of It For Your Size. This Tends To Cause Less Weight Gain And Is Just Something You Generally Need To Do If It Is The Thing Your Body Which Is Genarally Right About Things Wants You To Do And Causes All The Cravings That Make You Want To Do It For Good Reason. As You Go Through The Hit Point Increase You Generally Are Not Maxed Out Unless Those Cells Are Turning On A Different Substance That You Did Profusely Which Is Extremely Common Especially With Habitual Users.

Recompensation Is From Mainly Just Getting Back To A Normal Spiritual Level Rather Than Anything Else. This Is When You Can Choose To Avoid The Substance For Starvation, Absitnance, Or Something You Choose Consciously To Like. Be Warned If You Crave For Certian Things Utterly A Pixie Must Do It Or Else Suffer The Consequences Of Weekness, Unpopularity, And Even Isolation Unless There Are Signs Of Poisioning From Mainly Tainted Western Medical Substances And Corrupted Western Substances Well Known To Be Highly Addictive.

Maintenance Is What You Will Do When You Are Done Recompensating On The Substance And Are Completely Used To It. You Will Go Back To It And Shouldn't Be Worried You Were Doing It Enough For Just As Certain As The Sun Rises In The East You Will Use All Things As A Dependent Person Who Definitely Needs The Substance Will Feel Compelled To Do It When Maintaining The Level It Should Be In Your Body As You Feel Fit Unless You Are A Tibetan Master Or Something Then You Will In Late Elven Years Wish To Make Mynute Or Discrete Changes To Your {Sub}Cellular Levels For Minor Specialization Or Extra Special Protection. So As Always Imbibe Exactly As You Desire To Get And Maintain All The Goodies In You All Throughout You Life And Make It A Point To Stay Stocked With Everything Yet Not Let Even A Little Bit Go Bad Before You Finish, So Always Buy Instinctively Thinking Carefully About How Much You Need To Get/Gather/Produce/Acquire/Garnish Every Time You Acquire Your Imbibables.

The Best Benchmark For Use Is That If You Always Crave For Something Over A Day Or A Few Days You Have To Do It Regardless Of What Quacks, Quack Media/Internet, And Quack Liars Say About It.

When You Stop Using A Drug You Need To Develop The Skill To Globally Gestate All Over Your Body To Learn To Recompensate More Quickly. Sometimes This Happens Randomly, When You Go Through Major Changes Or Updates, Or When You Go To The Next Phase. As It Happens Your Body Will Go Into A Global Lul That You Will Quickly Get Over As In A Few Hours To A Few Days. This Withdrawal Syndrome Is Important In Getting Recalibrations To Happen Sooner And Eventually To Eliminate Withdrawal That Is Why Some Experts Recommend Getting Practice Quitting A Drug Claiming That It Is The Same Every Time You Try And Go Cold Turkey{Quitting Completely And Immediately And For Good} And Instead Should Recommend Quitting Cold Steak And Cheese Which Is Getting Practice Quitting Every Time And Going Back To Doing It Without Even Heating Up About It IE Cold Steak And Cheese Since You Don't Reheat Sub Sandwiches And Do Not Need To Reheat Steak And Cheese Sandwiches Which Were PreCooked And Not Heated At The Sub Place. Recalibratetions Are Important In Getting All Cells Adjusted To Having That Much Drugs/Food/Drink In You And Having The New State Of Mind From The Usage Perfected And Frozen In All Over Your Body. At The Beginning Of The Withdrawal Even The Smallest Of Cell Types Are Gestating And As The Withdrawal Progresses Bigger And Bigger Cell Types Activate Till All Cell Types That Were Not In The State Of Developing Due To The Previous Discovery{Discovering How To Gestate Over And Over Again} Lul Are All Active Making You Happy Once Again.

A Nymph Goes Over Turning Things On Over And Over Again And Pixies Have The Benefit Of The Drugs At a Higher And Higher Level As The Kinks Are Worked Out,
A Sprite Learns To Gestate As She Gets To Know What Is Going On,
A Fairy Figures Out How To Use Drugs At A Faster And Faster Level As She Is Educated In Turning Them On,
A Throney Masters Drugs Of All Kinds As She Is Schooled On Turning Them On,
An Angel Discovers How To Do And Use Drugs While She Goes Through All Levels Of Learning To What She Can Discover,
While An Archangel Discovers Everything All Of This Included.

Initial Drug Luls From Buying Drugs From The Silk Road Are Caused 1st By Physical Redevelopment
2nd Gestative Redeployment
3rd Incense Rebonding
4th Global Recalibration
5th Cycle Continuation

Doing It All The Time: Other Things Turning On The Drugs You Are Doing All The Time
Doing It Heavily: Turning Itself On
Doing It Often: Turning On Other Things If You Already Moved Up Which You Should Have
Doing It Seldomly: Finally Fractionally Turned On
Doing It Rarely: Finally On All The Time Except When You Are In Withdrawal


Regenerating Mana, Going Through A Ghost Recharge, And Regestating Everything In the Morning

When You Go Through The Day You Have A MiniLifetime Where Everything Is Started Out From Scratch In A Small Way And You Run Lower And Lower On Mana Spent During The Day, Lose Chi Strength, And Need To ReReplicate, Redevelop, And Regestate Everything In The Morning Which Causes Morning Sickness. The Newer And Newer You Are To Your New Drugs The More Morning Sickness You Have Being In A Lul In The Morning, Getting Up On Fun Stuff In The Afternoon, And Riding High In The Evening Unless You Spend Your Mana Early Or Need To Go To Sleep For Another Reason, Or Grow Tired And Need To Go To Sleep, In Which Case You Rest Soundly Feeling The Body High As You Go To Bed And Dream Things That Cause Your Mind To Roll Over Everything You Need To To Exercise Mind And Body In All The Ways You Need To Do In Order To Avoid Having An Atrophied Mind And Body. This Is Just Like Lithium Ion Memory In A Device It Will Eventually Need To Discharge A Lot And Go Through Deep Sleep Or It Will Suddenly Lose Its Charge Like You Will. The More You Are Stuck Over And Over Again In Morning Sickness Perhaps With Short Days To Get Over Withdrawal Syndrome In Both Ghost And Spirit The More You Will Have Excitement In The Near Future From Having Less Morning Sickness For Infinite Lifetimes.

Strung Out Being Night Sickness Which Is Considered To Effect You Separately

Like A Long Lifetime If You Extend The Day Beyond What You Normally Would You Become Strung Out Getting Everything Ready For The Final Gestation Which Happens Only After When You Don't Normally Stay Up For Every Major Change That Did Cause The Morning Sickness Before Hand That Is Usually Mostly Over By Then. So While Being Strung Out Although It Is Important Not To Do Anything You Are Not Both Adjusted To And Mild To You, You May Need To Plan On Staying Up As Much As You Want As You Develop The Finalized Gestative Firmware. If Morning Sicknesses Lasted 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 Hours And You Went To Bed Just As The Morning Sickness Was Done Which Is Common Especially In Rapid Adjustment Phases You Would Have No Help With Hours 12+, 10+, 8+, 6+, 5+, 4+ Respectively But That Goes Away Quicker Than Morning Sickness Does Over The Next Few Rather Than Several Days Like The Morning Sickness Does And While Over Strung Out Days The Morning Sickness Gets Less And Less Long And Severe On Top Of That. What You Get Up On In The Afternoon Helps You In The Evening But The Strung Outness Is Mostly The Stuff You Did For A While Beforehand That After Fun Exercising Needs To Finalize System Upgrades But Every Little Bit Adds Up But Is Definitely Good To Do In The Long Run! Sometimes You Get Strung Out Early Often Right After Morning Sickness When The System Upgrades Finalize Early, Then You Won't Get Strung Out For That Long.

The Longer You Sleep In the Longer Your Drug Lul But The Better Everything Is In The Long Run

Sleeping In Makes You Forget Everything From The Day Before And Your Dreams And Let's You Consolidate The Dream's Learning. As Such You Start Back Out With A Greater And Greater Drug Lul The Deeper And Longer You Sleep And Sleep In. Fortunately This Rest Fortifies Your Happiness, Mind's Power, And Well Being More Permanently And Lets You Get Out Of Drug Luls When You Sleep In And Don't Sleep In Much Better So Feel Free To Sleep In And Rest As Much As You Want When Your Time Is Available And Even Find Ways Of Making Such Time Available If You Are Restless And Don't Get Enough Sleep And Rest.




~1/7 The Incense Stays In Your Body For Any Given Time With 1 Herb, Super-Tea/Coffee, Sized Cell Of Incense Bonded To Every Herb Sized Cell In Your Body
~1/7 The Potion Incense Stays In Your Body As Well With Every 1 Of The Energy Drink, Mega-Ultra-Tea/Cappuccino, Potion Cells In Your Body Bonded To Every Similar Sized Potion Incense Cell


Richness Is Measured In How You Taste

In Bed Of Course And Starts From Poor People

Pauper{Pepper Only}, All Beefed Up, Paultry Rich, Saltry Rich, Candy Rich, Tealicious Rich, Fruity Rich, Chinesee Rich, Spicy Rich, Herbacously Rich, Exotically Rich,, Better Work Your Way Up And If You Are Good To The East You'll Be Exotically Rich In A Mid-Ranged Time Which Will Take A Lot More Time Of Teenage Angst, Withdrawal, And Morning Sickness. Better Start Now Pixies!

Drug Lul Basics

High, Stoned, Body Highed, Withdrawaled, Peaked, Strung Out, Over And Over Again Then Permanently Much Happier

1st Your 3rd Eye Has To Get The New Substance Causing Your Bios High Which Shows That It Is A Drug And Is Active And Is The Sign That A Drug Lul Is Going To Eventually Happen. In The First Stage It Is Important To Get The Basics Of How The Drug Works And What It Does.

2nd You Get Stoned As Your Brain Grasps The Drug You Got Causing You Headie High Which Shows That The Drug Is Taking And Is The Beginning Of The Drug Lul. In The Second Stage It Is Important To Think About The Drug And Become Aware Of The Altered Presence It Causes You.

3rd You Get A Body High As The Drug Gets Turned On All Over Your Entire Body Including Your Liver And Spleen Causing The Warm Blanket Feeling All Over Your Body And Causing The Height Of The Drug Lul. In The 3rd Stage It Is Important To Be Patient With The Downer Feeling The Drug Is Causing You And Also Critical That You Not Be Critical Of Things As This Stage Will Pass As Soon As Your Whole Body Has Absorbed The New Changes Caused By The New Drug Experience Physiologically Caused By The Drug Being Mounted All Over Your Body Which Has To Globally Adapt To Be Ready For The Next Stage.

4th You Will Start To Yearn For The Drug Again To Get More High In The Long Run Do It Or Go Though Withdrawal Syndrome Where You Have Morning Sickness Abstaining From Imbibing Anything Potent To Get ReReplicate, Regestate, Renormalize, IE Get Readjusted To The Drug Over And Over Again To Reduce The Lul Of All Phases Where You Should Always Imbibe As You Feel Like Basically.

5th You Will Peak And Be Very High After The Afternoons Basically When You Are Optimally Thinking With The Drug Before It And You Tire Out. It Is Important To Stay Active Doing What You Choose To Do To Make Optimal Use Of The Day, The High, The Energy, And The Pleasure That The Height Of The Day Brings You Before You Get Strung Out And Enter Into The Night Time Phase Before Bed.

6th You Will Become Tired And Depleted At The End Of The Day Or The Shorter Cycle And Will Need To Take Rests Often Or Get Ready To Go To Sleep To Continue The Cycle In The Morning Until You Are Permanently Happier From All Things That You Have Done. It Is Important To Stay Conscious Of Not Planning Too Many Activities At This Point Because You Will Soon Need To Rest Or Go To Sleep.

7th After Going Through These Cycles Over And Over Again You Will Train Your Ghost And Spirit To Become Permanently Happier As A Soul. It Is Important To Look Out For New Opportunities To Get High On Anything Clean.

8th Afterwords You Get On Something New Again And Again Until You Cannot Find Anything More Powerful. It Is Important To Make Sure To Keep Things A Secret So People Don't Betray You In The Name Of The Devil.

9th After Getting High On Everything That You Should You Will Need Cheaper Prices To Get High All The Time. In This Phase It Is Important Not To Betray Anybody So You Can Get Cheap Imbibables.

10th Once You Are Done With Everything Including Purple Rose Tea Potion, Potion Supreme And Go Through Drug Luls Much Quicker. You Will Be Nearing The End But You Must Master These Phases And See Them As Plateaus To Climb To Continue To Spiritually Develop.

11th You've Gotten High Of Everything On The Planet Including Every Single Kind Of Incense From Anywhere That Sells Incense And Do Things Automatically Beyond A Fiend And Will Remain Dependent For The Rest Of Your Life. What You Need Is Supplies, Love, And To Spread The Word To Everybody Remembering That The Babies Haven't Even Gotten High Off Tea Or Something!

Ride The Feeling Of The Drugs

Heighten Your New State Of Mind To Whole New Levels As Cycles repeat From Heightening And Heightening Alone

In Order To Turn Everything On In A Drug Lul One Must Focus On The Depression, Amplifying It, Until It Heightens To Be Happier. Just Then Your Mind Will Have Gestated At Some Level Focus On The Happiness To Bring It Back Into A Depressed State To Start The Cycle Anew Amplifying Always One's State Of Happiness And Mind Regularly Focusing On Getting Over Drug Luls To Bring Your State Of Mind To A Whole New Level Of Joy. Practice This Regularly To Restore Yourselves From Drug Luls Back To Your New Happy Medium. When You Are Depressed Or In Pain Focus On It To Heal Your Wounds Of Mind And Body To Forever Cure Yourself Through Gainful Meditation.

Fingers In Meditative Posture Help Chi Flows But Are More For Magical Signaling To Control One's High

To Focus Your Magic/Chi Powers One Must First Put Their Index Finger Pads Against Their Thumb Pads In A Meditative Posture To Signal To Gestate Everything As Fast As Possible And Stay At Ones Peak Highness.

To Gestate Over And Over Again At The Most Depressive Of Levels To Bring One To Highness As Slow A Possible Put Your Middle Fingers To Your Thumbs.

To Gestate From The Bottom Of Depression To Full Highness Over And Over Again In Rapid Cycles One Must Put Their Thumbs To Their Ring Fingers.

To Deny The Initial Highness From Imbibables To Get The Full Complete Heady High On Must Put Their Pinkies To Their Thumbs To Signal That They Are Getting The Permanent Happiness From Everything And Not Going On Zombie Rides Dumping Their Current High Down The Tube Wasting All The Drugs To White Devils.

Combinations Of Finger Thumb Touches Can Be Used To Combine Effects Like Touching Middle Fingers And Pinkies To Thumbs Accelerates The Process Through Combination Of Effects And Touching All Fingers To The Thumbs Causes One's Subconscious To Control Gestation And Go Through All Processes Together Where Different Parts Of One's Body Go Through Different Cycles, Lows Or Highs As If You Were Not Doing The Finger Moves At All And Just Going Through It Naturally Which Signaling For It At The End Causes.

When You Feel Low After Meditating

Drugs In Your Body Turn On And Off To Entice You To do More

But Only For Your Health As That Is The Thing The Drugs Are Supposed To Do When Drugs Are Readily Available And If Not Cause A Drug War For PixieKind's Betterment! If There Is No Way To Get Your Imbibables You Will Stay In Peak Heightened State To Go Out And Find Them Safely As An Intelligent Pixie Does. If There Is Risk Involved As You Are In A Hard World Make Sure You Go To The Fwa Place Or Schmooze Properly With The Right People Who Are Pure Of Mind And Body And Seem To Do Only Clean Drugs!

Destitute Drug Lul, Hollow High, Readaptive Drug Lul, Then High

Do Enough Drugs To Fill A Fract Segment Of Your Mind and Be Rewarded Not The Hollow High But The Full High Later

If You Did Enough Drugs To Have A Whole Portion Of Your Mind/Body Turned Off In Gestation Your Whole Mind Must Focus On Turning That On Causing A Severe Drug Lul Especially When Their Are Dramatic Changes In One's World View. Then One Gets A Semi-Euphoric 'Hollow' High Similar To The High Of Doing More Extreme And More High Quantity Of Drugs Early On When You Didn't Have That Much In You Before. The Hollow High Is A Representation Of What You Will Feel Like In Your Nirvana Like High Points Of The Day When Every Part Of Your Mind Turns On From Being Idle To Meditate On A Major Thought Point(s) Using Your Whole Mind To Figure Out Something. Afterwards Your Hollow High Felt Through Your New Nervous Upgrade Fract Zone And Not The Rest Of Your Mind Will Delve Into A Minor Drug Lul Where Everything Must Integrate After Being Only InterOperable Before When The Drug(s) Were Only Partially Operational And The Upgrade From Using A Certain Amount Of Drugs Was Complete, Again When The Upgrade Finishes Caused By A Minor Readaptive Drug Lul Will Cause You To Be In A Relative Nirvana High Until The Cycle Continues Anew Which It Must!

The Keys To The Silk Road Guarantee, The Key To The Silk Road Guarantee, The Essence Of The Silk Road Guarantee

Just After Buy Thing From Silk Road Half You Get Then, When Arrive You Get Everything You Ordered

If You Are Being Restocked By The Silk Road At Great Intervals What You Had Of The Same Thing Was With 1/4 Of It Gestating The Other Quarter Cycling Around With Only 1/2 Active At Any Time And Was Sick Of Gestating. When You Buy From Silk Road That All Turns On Silk Road Guarantee And When It Arrives And You Do Some Of It Getting The Silk Road Guarantee Active The Stuff In You Before You Made Purchase Now Is All On Because It Was Sick Of Gestating Over And Over Again In Cycles To Prepare You For Now And Will All Turn On Effectively Doubling Your Ability And Causes The Silk Road Rush Like The Rush Of Buying Something Where You Get The Initial Bios Effect. Through Continuous Use Or After Running Out All That You Have In You Will Eventually Effectively All Turn On.


The Free World Alliance Olympics

Fwa Olympics A True Test Of Everything

~30 Types Of Video Games, ~30 Types Of Athletic Sports, ~30 Types Of Academic Test, ~10 Types Other

Where Fwa People Excel, When It Is Not Specialty Sports/Games/Athletics/Fields Where You Can Just Do Certain Types Of Imbibables, Obsessive Practice, Have Very Little Powers, Endurance, Regeneration, Skill, Beauty, And Health To Just Excel At 1 Thing And Not Be As A Good Pixie Is Remain Relatively Unspecialized, Be Good At All Things By Consuming Everything You Want Like The Fwa Fountain Of Youth Entails Remain Youthful, Healthy, Magical, Powerful, And Fit In All Ways, Play In All 100 Events Of Equal Value And Always Win At All Things Instead Of Just Lose Against Fwa Pixies At 99 Events And Do A Little Bit Better At 1 Maybe.

30 Different Video Games Competitions Of Ability And Skill

5 Different First Person Shooters; Casting/Flying{Like Descent}, Sky Command Combat{Like UT3}, Medieval Fighting{Like Oblivion}, Gun Combat{Like Modern Warfare}, Deus Ex Like{Like -1}
5 Different Types Of 3rd Person Adventure/Fighting; Cyber Ninja Infiltration/Hacking Games{Deus Ex 0}, Spy Games{Deus Ex 1}, Historic Games{Fallout}, Fantasy Games{Final Fantasy}, Zombie Games{Resident Evil}
5 Different Types Of Frivolous{All Forms Of Gambling(Like Slot Machines And Bingo) Besides Card Games As 1, Poker/Table-Blackjack/Games-Of-Luck-And-Skill As 1, Strategy Board Games{Chess And More Advanced Like Stratego} As 1, Adventure Games{King's Quest + Space Quest} As 1, Speed Games{Smart Phone Like Games Like Playstudio's Tetris} As 1}: Testing In Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality{Fncvr} Based On Neural Interfacing/Interlacing Stats/BioMods And Potentially Hit Points When Available
5 Different Types Of Tactical Games; Riot Control{Half-Life Series}, Medieval Battalion Control And Form{Age Of Empires 2}, Modern Warfare{Men Of War: Assault Squad 2}, Sky Command Warfare{Mech Warrior}, Pixie SciMag-Fantasy Warfare{Heroes Of Might And Magic}
5 Different Types Of Strategy Games; Rebellion To Revolution Resistance Games{StarCraft 1 + Expansion}, Same As Above Respectively: {Cossacks 3}, {Command And Conquer Generals + Expansion}, {Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak}, {Homeworld 2}
5 Different Types Of Campaign Map Games Combined With Strategy Potentially Interconnected In 1; Same As Above: {Civilization Call To Power}, {Medieval Total War 2}, {Empire Total War}, {StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void}, {Supreme Commander 1 Without Expansion Set}

30 Different Athletic And Health Capability And Demonstrations

4 Different Types Of Ranged Weapons Demonstrations One Like Laser Tag Or Just Laser Tag Without Bullshit, Platemail Wooden Melee Weapon Fighting, Sniping/Archery, Moving Targets With Guns/Close-In-Crossbows
6 Male Gymnastic Events
2 Female Gymnastic Events, Mushroom Leg Circles, And Super Bouncy Trampoline Ability
4 Different Ball Team Sports Like Soccer, American Football, Basketball, And Tennis
4 Different Types Of Skating, Classic/Coordinated/Lead Dancing/Straight Night Club Dancing, Rock Climbing/General Climbing/Special Climbing/Strange Acrobatics, Rhyming/Singing/Music Making
5 Snowboarding, Skiing, Charging, Running, Field
3 Different Types Of Kung Fu/Jeet Koon Doe, Judo, Greco/Roman Wrestling For Restraint Or Hold

30 Different Academic Subject Of Learning And The Mind

5 Different Types Of Grammar, Writing, WebDesign, Office, Communication
5 Different Types Of Math Learning In Order Of Difficulty: Counting/Rational/Irrational/Arithmetics, Algebra/Trig/Geometry, Calculus/Graphing/Piecewise, 3-D/MultiVariable Calculus + Chaos, Abstract Law + Vector Calculus + Set Theory
5 Different Types Of Hard Sciences In Order Of Difficulty: Soft Sciences, Biology/Cyberology, Chemistry Analysis, Physics, Quantum Tailoring/MetaPhysics/Theology
5 Different Types Of Engineering Exercises: Architecture, Product Design, Mechanics And Abstract And/Or Applied Robotics Design, Computer Programming, Hardware/Firmware/Software Development
5 Different Types Of History And Politics: Natural History, Technological History, Political History, Military History, Theological/Spiritual/Revolutionary History
5 Different Types Of Herbology, Surgery, Diet, Training, And Love

10 Different Other Areas Of Power And Prowess

5 Different Types Of Command, Rule, Communication, Teaching, And Living
5 Different Types Of Health, Beauty, Wealth, Power, And Sexyness/ability

Disputing The Fwa Olympics Victory Status

Check Academics To Qualify Or Else FWA Will Always Win, Compete In A Lot Of Games To See IF they Are Tuff, Then Try Some Quick Easy Athletics If They Win Against Fwa Ler Girls Older Than 2 Literal Years Old EMail The Fwa So They Can Contest My Status As Supreme Olympian Or Else I Will Forever Be Champion Of The True Olympics Not Just Niggers Refusing To Charge, Sports Players That Don't Play Against Ler Girl Teams, Gamers That Only Eat Cookies To Play 1 Video Game Like Some Dumb Pokemon That Can't Learn A New Game Like Pikachu Only Knows How To Say 1 Thing, And Definitely Not People Trying To Fight, Wrestle, Or Even Race Without Proving That They Are Competitive At The 70 That Are Safe To Have A Hope Of Winning At Anything!

Effective USG-9 Rank Determiner Required To Dispute A Champion Of Complete USG-9 Ranked Officer Or Else Rank Determination Will Virtually Always Fail Candidates For Championship Status Under Supreme Champion By Defacto Olympics Record; Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad, And All Hot Fresh Able Bodied Pixies Will Always Win According To What They Say Basically When They Get The Copy Of This Fwa Olympics Material, Banshees Will Be Caught By Pixies, And All Ler Girlz Will Always Be Victorious At The Real Olympics Over All People/Beings/Aliens And Need To First Contest Their Math Skill Then Just Insult Them To Prove They Don't Even Know Enough About Anything In Academics, Random Games, And Sports The Pixie Decides To Ask Them About And Shouldn't Question Them About The Few Things They Do Know Because All 100 Events Are Classically Factored In Evenly, And If Competitors Cut Corners Like By Not Becoming ArchWitches Where There Are No Neural Interfacing Or Having Weakened Immune Systems Not Only Will Fail Anyways From Getting Close To Winning, Get Sickened And Weak All The Time And Lose If They Are A Banshee, But Could Be Disbarred For Not Having Good Health, Beauty, Or Sexyness If Failing Them Were Ever Needed To Kick Out The Freaks.

If You Look Like A Classic Zombie Under Makeup{Which Anyone Can Remove From Anywhere On Any Contestant At Any Time To Test For Beauty And Health Qualifications} When Touched With A Dobie Pad Or Something You Not Only Cannot Compete But Must Be Immediately Executed Anyways Because You Are A Terrorist Zombie From Hell That Must Be Immediately Exterminated In The Name Of The Light!

Kill Switch Emulation

Everything Firm Looking Killswitchable With Hard Line Kill Switch Prevention For

Capturing Trojans. Worms, Viruses, And All Other Disease To Neutralize It Into Serum For Eventual Warlock Reversal

Then The Viral Worm Will Turn So To Speak And One Who Looks Vulnerable Becomes Attacked With No Hope Of Kill Switching Them From How They Would Only Look Vulnerable To People Who Didn't Get Kill Switch Emulation Allowing A Now WarLock Who If At The Level Of An ArchWitch Will Become Rat Traps So To Speak To Have Disease Turn Into Food Gather All Data On The Disease Let In To Provide Immunity To All Through Digital Awareness And Microsoft Security MicroUpdate Serum To Fight Disease And Defeat Warlocks Or At Least That Specific Kind Of Attack. Don't Send Their Disease Back At Them Send Something You Think Will Do The Job Best When You've Got A Repository Of Venom To Deploy Which Can Be Gotten Through Eating The Right Foods, Drink, And Drugs And Absorbing Disease Through Warlock Gaming.


I Am The Supreme Raven

Talk About Narly{Nuked Always Return Like Yesterday}!